The Morning Speech vol. 1

Patrick Alexander
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"I wish I could read these forever." 
-- my friend Rebecca

Come to school with Patrick-sensei

I'm an assistant English teacher at a high school in Japan. Part of my job is the 'Morning Speech': almost every week, I write and record a speech in English (or more often, a story), which is broadcast during homeroom on Friday morning. I also write and illustrate a quiz paper, which the students complete as they listen to the speech.

So here are the first fourteen Morning Speeches: quizzes, illustrations and transcripts, exactly as they were presented to 860-odd Japanese highschoolers each week. I've also recreated the recordings and included them as MP3s! (I read slowwwly and carefully.)

Most of the stories are based on real-life events, but embellished to include well-known characters, like Spiderman, Doraemon, Rilakkuma, Sailor Moon and so on. Still, this is closest thing you'll get to a 'Japan diary' from me. I involve my school and the local area as much as possible, to keep the students amused.

What you get

  • One 32-page PDF: 14 stories, 14 quizzes with illustrations; one cover illustration; an explanation at the start and an answer sheet at the back. Print resolution; no DRM or nothin'.
  • 14 MP3s, of me reading the stories at student-friendly speed, complete with silly voices and occasional guests!

  • You'll get one print-quality PDF, and 14 MP3s.

  • You'll get one print-quality PDF, and 14 MP3s.
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The Morning Speech vol. 1

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